Length 3 - Hirst Wood weir to Salts Mill weir

Left Bank

This is a continuation of Hirst Wood and extends to the top of the cricket pitch in Roberts Park. The cricket pitch length/Roberts Park is controlled by Bradford No 1. AA

Right Bank

From Hirst Wood weir until the top of Salts Mill


Length 4 - Salts Mill weir to Baildon Road Bridge

Both Banks

From Salts Mill weir through to the top side of Baildon Road bridge


Saltaire Angling Association

Length 1 - Cottingley to Seven Arches

Right Bank

The fishery commences at Cottingley Beck, Bingley side of the Bingley Bypass bridge near the Mercure Hotel and follows the river downstream to the Seven Arches bridge

Entry is from Branksome Drive. Follow the footpath past the stables to the river.

Length 2 - Seven Arches to Hirst Wood weir

Both Banks

This is a continuation of length 1 but is now both banks.

The left bank extends to Hirst Wood weir and the right bank is to the top of Hirst Mill field ( Glynn Thomas ) Please do not trespass into the field.

Parking is available by Bradford Amatuer Rowing Club. Please be aware that the parking is gated and controlled by the rowing club. Vehicles parked at owners risk.

Parking available at Hirst Wood public car park. Walk along the canal towpath then descend through the trees to the river bank.

River Wharfe - Linton, Grassington

This water is a Trout and Grayling water only.

Any legal method and bait may be used.

The fishery is from the stone wall just below the top weir to two fields below Linton footbridge. This length includes the pools among the rocks below Linton bridge. Junior members must be accompanied by an adult.