Canal matches

Open canal silver matches are held throughout the winter months usually on the boats section and sometimes Hirst Wood depending on numbers. Good weights of Roach and Bream can be had, with many double figure weights needed to win.

For further information contact Richard East on 07815 092966

River Matches

The River matches are usually held on the bottom length and middle length from October through until March. Of course this all depends on the condition of the river due to flood water.

Good catches of Chub, Barbel and Grayling make up the majority of the weights in these matches.Contact Carl Chadwick for further information 07955 727079

Canal Pike Matches

These matches usually take place on the boats length of the canal during the cold winter months. Some good catches have been had with the best just under 20lb. 2 rods can be used on these matches.

Further information can be had from calling Lee Weston on 07496 445303

Saltaire Angling Association