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18th November 2018

1st Stephen Webster, Tricast Calder, 6lb 1oz of skimmers from peg 21
2nd Daz Womersley, Tricast Calder, 4lb 2oz skimmers and roach peg 22
3rd Richard East, Matrix Halifax, 3lb 13oz, 76 roach peg 20
4th John Harman, Tricast Calder, 3lb 11oz 8dr peg 23

4th November 2018

1st - Billy Mason, Saltaire  6lb 2oz 8dr
2nd - Charlie, Sunderland 3lb 14oz
3rd - Richard East, Matrix Halifax 3lb 9oz
4th -  Nigel Storr, Matrix Halifax 3lb 2oz

22nd January 2017

1st John Meredith, Tricast Rochdale, 17lb
2nd George Colbran, Keighley, 15lb 14oz
3rd David Colbran, Keighley,  7lb 10oz
4th Paul Booth, Matrix Halifax, 6lb 13oz
5th Gary Watson, Ossett,  5lb 1oz
6th Tony Price, Tricast Rochdale,  4lb 5oz

15th January 2017

1st David Colbran, Keighley, 10lb 3oz
2nd John Meredith,Tricast Rochdale,3lb 5oz,
3rd Nigel Storr, Matrix Halifax, 3lb 9oz 8dr,
4th Tony Bowater, Eccleshill Angling, 2lb 3oz
5th Richard Thorne, Saltaire AA, 1lb 9oz,

8th January 2017

1st M Bolderston, Eccleshill Angling, 4lb 10oz
2nd Richard Mailer, Saltaire AA, 2lb 10oz,
3rd Dave Chadwick, Matrix Halifax, 1lb 14oz,
4th Tony Bowater, Saltaire AA, 1lb 4oz,

2nd January 2017

1st Adam Jagger, Ted Carter Preston Innovations 13lb
2nd John Meredith,Tricast Rochdale,9lb 14oz
3rd Alan Crook, Maver North West, 8lb 11oz
4th Tony Bowater, Saltaire AA, 6lb 12oz
5th Tony Price, Ted Carter Preston Innovations, 5lb 8oz

18th December 2017

1st Paul McMillan, Matrix Halifax, 16lb 6oz,
2nd M Bolderston,Eccleshill Angling 9lb 10oz
3rd Tony Bowater, Saltaire, 8lb 13oz
4th Nigel Storr, Matrix Halifax, 8lb 8oz
5th George Colbran, Keighley, 8lb 4oz

4th December 2016

1st David Colbran, Keighley, 8lb 15oz
2nd Martin Blagborough,Slaithwaite,4lb 15oz,
3rd Mick Payton, Saltaire, 3lb 8oz
4th Nigel Store, Matrix Halifax, 2lb 12oz

27th November 2016

1st Ian Dawson, Tricast Calder, 22lb 1oz
2nd Nigel Storr, Matrix Halifax, 20lb 2oz
3rd Richard Thorne, Saltaire, 12lb 15oz
4th Mick Payton, 5lb 7oz
5th Martin Hellewell, Matrix Halifax, 4lb 15oz
6th Richard Jackson, Maver North West, 4lb 8oz

20th November 2016

1st John Sedgwick, Tricast Calder, 7lb 2oz
2nd Peter Wilson, Tricast Calder, 4lb 10oz
3rd Nigel Hirst, Slaithwaite, 4lb 1oz
4th Nigel Storr, Matrix Halifax, 3lb 12oz
5th Lee Simpson, Tricast Calder, 3lb 8dr
6th Richard Thorne, Saltaire, 2lb 14oz

13th November 2016

1st Andy Turner, Slaithwaite, 11lb 7oz
2nd Richard Thorne, Saltaire, 9lb 1oz
3rd Martin Hellewell, Matrix Halifax, 7lb 1oz
4th Tom Bowater, Eccleshill Angling, 6lb 15oz
5th Dave Colbran, Keighley, 6lb 15oz
6th Pat Wood, Saltaire, 6lb 8oz
7th George Colbran, Keighley, 6lb 2oz
8th Martin Blagborough, Slaithwaite, 5lb 15oz

30th October 2016

1st John Sedgewick, Tricast Calder, 4lb 2oz
2nd Kyal Kyle Ackroyd, Wakefield, 3lb 5oz
3rd Chris Storey, Matrix Halifax, 3lb 3oz
4th Scott Weston, Matrix Halifax, 3lb 2oz
5th Paul Booth, Matrix Halifax, 3lb
6th Martin Hellewell, Matrix Halifax, 2lb 11oz

23rd October 2016

1st Warren Mcleavy, Tricast Calder, 3lb 8oz
2nd G Colbran, Keighley, 3lb 2oz

3rd Dave Chadwick, Matrix Halifax, 2lb 14oz
4th John Sedgwick, Tricast Calder, 2lb 1oz
5th Richard East, Matrix Halifax, 1lb 13oz

16th October 2016

1st John Sedgwick,Tricast Calder 16lb 13oz.
2nd Warren Mcleavy,Tricast Calder, 5lb 14oz 3rd Martin Blagbrough,Slaithwaite AC,4lb 8oz
4th Paul McMillan, Matrix Halifax, 3lb 15oz
5th Richard East, Matrix Halifax, 3lb 8oz
6th Tom Barlow, Maver North West, 3lb 5oz

9th October 2016

1st Martin Hellewell​​, Matrix Halifax, 4lb 2oz
2nd Warren Mcleavy, Tricast Calder, 3lb 8oz
3rd Kyle Ackroyd​​, Tricast Calder, 3lb 1oz
4th Richard East​​, Matrix Halifax, 2lb 7oz 
5th Daz Kershaw, Matrix Halifax, 2lb 1oz
6th Eric Green​​, Maver North West, 1lb 15oz

13th March 2016

1st - Dave Chadwick           4lb 7oz
2nd - Paul Booth                 3lb 14oz
3rd - Paul Smith                  3lb 7oz

4th - Nigel Storr                  3lb 0oz 8dr
5th - Steve Crossley             2lb 10oz

28th February 2016

1st - Nigel Storr                  6lb 1oz 8dr
2nd - John Meredith           5lb 11oz
3rd - Mark                          3lb 12oz
4th Paul Smith                    3lb 1oz 8dr
5th Richard East                2lb 8oz 

14th February 2016

1st - Steve Crossley              5lb 5oz

2nd - John Meredith               3lb 14oz
3rd - Alan Price                      3lb 9oz
4th - Nigel Storr                      3lb 8oz
5th - Paul Smith                      3lb 1oz

7th February 2016

1st - Paul McMillan              5lb 12oz
2nd - Richard East               3lb 15oz
3rd - John Meredith              2lb 9oz
4th - Nigel Storr                    1lb 14oz
5th - Carl Chadwick              1lb 10oz

24th January 2016

1st - Steve Taylor             6lb 6oz 
2nd - John Meredith         4lb 15oz

3rd - Richard East            2lb 14oz
4th - Carl Chadwick          2lb 1oz
5th - Nigel Storr                1lb 8oz

10th January 2016

1st - Carl Hawthorne            9lb 12oz
2nd - John Meredith             6lb 12oz
3rd - Carl Chadwick             6lb 4oz
4th - Nigel Store                  1lb 4oz
5th - Richard East               1lb 3oz 8dr

1st January 2016

1st - R East                   8lb 2oz
2nd - Nigel Store           5lb 8oz.

3rd - John Fletcher       4lb 1oz.
4th - Robert Thornton   3lb 12oz 8dr.
5th - Daz Shaw              3lb 11oz.
6th - Paul White            3lb 8oz 8dr.

28th December 2015

1st - Dave Wells          5lb 3oz
2nd - John Meredith    4lb 15oz

3rd - Richard East       4lb 4oz

        Nigel Storr
5th - Paul McMillan      3lb 14oz 8dr.
6th - Ian Dawson         3lb 10oz 8dr.

20th December 2015

1st - J Merredith          4lb 11oz
2nd - M Taylor             4lb 6oz
3rd - P Smith               3lb 4oz 8dr
4th - C Smith               3lb 4oz
5th - P Booth               2lb 11oz 8dr
6th - D Chadwick         2lb 9oz 8dr

22nd November 2015

1st - Martin Blagborough     5lb 11oz

2nd - Steve Allinson             2lb 151/2

3rd - John Needham            2lb 6oz

4th - Martin Helliwell             2lb 4oz

5th - Dave Taylor                 2lb 3oz

6th - Nigel Storr                   2lb 1oz

25th January 2015

1st - D Wells              13lb 10oz

2nd - N Storr                  8lb 3oz

3rd - R East                   3lb 7oz

4th - A Price                  3lb 0oz

5th - P Smith               2lb 13oz

6th - P McMillan            2lb 6oz

4th January 2015

1st - D Wells             10lb 12oz

2nd - J Harman             8lb 3oz

3rd - J Verbruggen      5lb 15oz

4th - N Burrows           5lb 10oz

5th - M Blaggborough    5lb 8oz

6th - D Kersahaw          5lb 1oz

20 Anglers fished in various pegs around Shipley with the lowest weight of 1lb 7oz

New Years Day Match

1st - D Senior             4lb 12oz

2nd - N Storr              4lb 2.5oz

3rd - D Wells                 3lb 8oz

4th - Bydon                   3lb 7oz

5th - J Leeds              3lb 2.5oz

6th - S Campbell         2lb 14oz

9 Others fished & all caught ranging from

2lb 11oz down to 13oz on what was a blustery and wet day, well done to all.

A full list can be found on our

Facebook page.

21st December 2014

1st - D Chadwick         7lb 13oz

2nd - T Schoffield        3lb 4.5oz

3rd - P Booty               3lb

4th - R East                 2lb 3oz

30th November 2014

1st - T Barlow              10lb 1oz

2nd - M Blagborough   7lb 9oz

3rd - S Webster            7lb 1oz

4th - A Cook                 6lb 14oz

        D Barnforth           6lb 14oz

Silver Fish Been the main species,

All anglers caught.

17th August 2014

1st - T Kenny             5lb 15oz

2nd - S Weston          4lb 12oz

3rd - M Proctor           2lb 7oz

4th - A Hillary              2lb 7oz

Perch & Eels being the dominant species caught on the day.




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If you would like to attend a match please contact the appropriate member above to book a peg before the day.

Any anglers wishing to fish any of the waters should contact the relevant above secretaries for the very latest match fixtures to avoid any confusion for any available non match fishing, this does not  mean the waters are closed to non match anglers it simply means for stretches which aren't being included in the match.

Established 1867

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* NOTE* All Pike Matches

Unhooking Mats, Adequate Landing Net etc to be used. Live bait can be used if caught on the day and at their respective pegs.

2 Rod maximum per peg at any one time.

Draw at the back of Ibis Car park

8-45 - 9-00 am

Fish 10 am - 3 pm

25th November 2018

1st - Andy McWilliams           12lb 13oz

2nd - Lee Weson                    6ib 10oz

3rd - Martin Taffs                    5lb 3oz

28th December 2016

1st - Anthony Senior            11lb

31st January 2016

1st - Derek Heath               12lb 7oz

2nd - Adrian Wood               6lb

27th December 2015

1st - Lee Weston               13lb 8oz

2nd - Andy McWilliams      12lb 8oz

3rd - Terry Gilbert              11lb 11oz

                                   (1lb15oz ,9lb12oz)
4th - Ian Weston                10lb

5th - Anthony Senior           7lb 8oz

6th - Dave Senior                3lb 8oz

15th February 2015

1st - Terry Gilbert             11lb 10oz

2nd - Andy McWilliams     11lb 0oz

3rd - Derek Heath              8lb 3oz

4th - Dave Senior               7lb 8oz

18th January 2015

1st - Lee Weston          12lb 8oz

2nd - Dave Senior          7lb 14oz

3rd - Mark Proctor          7lb

4th - Andy McWilliams    6lb 2oz

28th December 2014

1st - Andy McWilliams  12lb 8oz

                                      7lb 2oz

2nd - Martin Taffs          7lb 8oz

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4th November 2018

1st - C.J.Chadwick        14lbs 8oz
2nd - J.Clarke                 3lbs 11oz
3rd - E.Wright                 2lbs 5oz

28th February 2016

1st - Steve Hargeaves          10lb 2oz
2nd - Barrie Murgatroyd       10lb
3rd - John Storey                   4lb 10oz

14th February 2016

1st - Steve Hargreaves        17lb 2oz

2nd - Carl Chadwick             14lb 14oz

3rd - Eric Wright                   12lb 8oz

4th - Daniel Wright                11lb 2oz.

17th January 2016

1st - Carl Chadwick           15lb 10oz

2nd - Fred Prudem             9lb

3rd - James Vickerman      8lb 6oz

4th - Barrie Murgatroyd      5lb

8th March 2015

1st - M Balderston      11lb 4oz

2nd - S Hargreaves      6lb 8oz

3rd - T Greenwood       5lb 2oz

1st March 2015

1st - C Chadwick        14lb 8oz
2nd - E Wright            10lb 8oz

3rd - S Hargreaves       7lb 8oz

4th - A Fox                   5lb 4oz

15th February 2015

1st - J Vickerman      28lb 4oz

2nd -  A Fox              8lb

3rd - P Vickerman     5lb 15oz

4th - C Chadwick      5lb 10oz

1st February 2015

1st - C Chadwick      17lb 12oz

2nd - I Neads            12lb 13oz

3rd - P Vickerman      7lb 12oz

4th - T Greenwood     7lb 12oz

18th January 2015

1st - E Wright            4lb 14oz

2nd - C Chadwick      3lb 14oz

3rd - T Story              2lb 9oz

4th January 2015

1st - Ian                      6lb 12oz

2nd - E Wright            6lb 6oz

3rd - D Wright             4lb

4th - T Greenwood      3lb 1 oz

10 Anglers fished, Chub & Grayling

being the dominant species caught

28th December 2014

1st - E Wright             11lb 2oz

2nd - A Fox                  9lb 3oz  

3rd - F Prudem             7lb 4oz 

Chub of 4lb and another at 5lb 10oz and plenty of good size Grayling landed too.

14th December 2014

1st - E Wright             4lb 11oz

2nd - D Wright            1lb 13oz

3rd - B Murgatroyd      1lb 2oz

2nd November 2014

1st - C Chadwick          13lb

2nd - P Vickerman          8lb
3rd - A Fox                      5lb

9th November 2014

1st - J Vickerman        14lb12oz

2nd - C Chadwick        11lb

3rd - J Story                 9lb

4th - B Murgatroyd       5lb7oz

Mainly Chub, Grayling & Barbel being the dominant species caught on the day. All anglers caught.